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IT Support Herne

Nihat Europe Group now offers local IT support in Herne and the surrounding area. We provide you with the full spectrum of support, we manage your infrastructure either directly at your site in Herne or in the immediate vicinity.

We can support and optimize the systems locally at your site. We guarantee you first-class personal support.

Our services:

  • Computer maintenance in Herne
  • Server maintenance in Herne
  • Wireless environment management in Herne
  • Sale of professional hardware components (AccessPoint, Routers, Switches, Hubs, Computers)
  • Cleanup of your computer or server in Herne
  • Data backup or data recovery in Herne
  • Hardware and software replacement (e.g. defective hard disks, configure Raid)
  • Documentation of your infrastructure in Herne
  • Nihat Europe Group

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    +49 2336 9242759

    Our services in Herne

    Many advantages in one view.

    • Upgrade of all types of IT systems in Herne
    • Component replacement or upgrade in Herne
    • Professional cleaning of IT systems in Herne
    • Sales and installation in Herne
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